As attorneys, we understand where the margins of error lie from A to Z in the billing practices. We also understand that in many cases, lawyers do not intend to overcharge, but due to the inefficiencies inherent in the hourly rate system and in billing practices, clients are overcharged regularly by significant percentages, with little recourse to claim those savings.

1. Set Expectations

Fee Logic will work with your company to set up customized rule sets which will outline your expectations for billing practices. These rules are designed to provide you full transparency on your invoices and to eliminate potential for unwarranted charges.

2. Implementation

Fee Logic will introduce your newly created guidelines to your law firm in a professional and collaborative manner. We recognize the importance of ensuring your law firms feel involved in this process.

3. Supervision

Fee Logic will act as the intermediary between your company and the law firm to ensure your bills are meeting the billing practices expectations. We use our proprietary methodology, created from industry expertise and an appreciation for market practices, to reduce your legal bills to the value of the services received, and nothing more.

4. Analytics

Fee Logic will provide you with data on how well your law firms are complying with your rule set, and how accurate their billing is overall so that you can make informed decisions on future legal partnerships.


Fee Logic believes in strengthening relationships between law firms and their clients. We want to be part of the movement towards less waste, and more value. We hope you will join us in this effort.

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